📦 A collection of Unity prefabs 📦

# UDON Node

A very simple prefab of an UDON node saying "Powered By UDON" so you can show everyone that you're smart! Blend files are included so you can customize it to your liking. All the textures are atlased too!.

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# Arcade Cabinet

Originally requested by a VRChat world creator - this Arcade machine comes pre-atlased for performance reasons. Buttons and Joystick are left as separate meshes to allow for animation and customization, but .blend files are included for those willing to optimize it further.

Headphones are a separate mesh as well and meant to be a pickup used by the player. So you can enable "personal sound" mode where the machine only emits sounds in the close proximity of the headphones or something like that.

The glass on the cabinet is using an amazing Fake Glass shader made by Silent. Check them out! (opens new window)

  • Headphones
    • 2864 Tris
    • 1 Material
  • Cabinet Body
    • 4124 Tris
    • 2 Materials
  • Button
    • 2 Meshes
    • 604 Tris Total
    • 1 Material
  • Joystick
    • 3 Meshes
    • 2740 Tris
    • 1 Material
  • Screen
    • 1 Mesh
    • 2 Tris
    • 1 Material
  • Total Stats in an empty scene
    • 6 Batches
    • 6 SetPass Calls
    • 3 Materials
    • 3 Atlased Textures

It is not the most optimized thing out of the box, but it is meant to leave the room for animations. Otherwise - you can easily join all the meshes and get it down to 1 (or two, with headphones staying separate) meshes with 3 materials total.

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