Hey There

I'm Anton, a JS Dev @ VRChat

This is just an index-style thingie so I can track some projects that aren't on github, or are worth an extra landing page for.

Oh, and by the way, you can always ping at orels.sh

Or if u prefer to look around more, here's a linkedIn

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Projects List

  • Unity Shaders My collection of PBR and VFX shaders for Unity's BIRP
  • Knowledge Base A list of all the little snippets of knowledge I found over the past couple of years
  • My Tools Selection A list of tools I made or use in every day dev and gamedev life
  • Udon Toolkit Purpose-built Udon Behaviours and tools to make your own
  • RAWG Toolkit RAWG.io supercharger
  • Puremock Zero-Dependency mock api server
  • TILs Usefil bits of dev experience
  • Prefabs A collection of Unity prefabs