Supercharge your RAWG experience

RAWG Toolkit was created out of love for (opens new window). While the website has some amazing features, a passionate user always wants more. And it just turns out, that this specific user also knows how to code, and so here we are.

Grab It!

# Motivation

This extension was born during another caffeine-fueled coding night which I have zero regrets about.

Sleep can wait...

# Improvement

Since this is 2018, the source code for this project is fully open, and everyone is welcome to contribute (opens new window). There are numerous issues ready to be resolved (opens new window), and I'm always open for feature requests (opens new window).

# Why create this page?

Just had a color scheme I wanted to have some fun with.

# Ping

Want to learn more about me? I'm really glad to hear that. Just ping at (opens new window)