Udon Toolkit

Purpose-built Udon Behaviours and tools to make your own

Udon Toolkit was made out of frustration with using the default inspector for Udon Behaviours in VRChat. Thanks to Merlin's amazing UdonSharp I was able to implement a lot of extra editor goodies similar to how Odin Inspector does it (but free and open source).

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The default Udon Behaviour inspectors are limited to a pretty simple set of features, lacking drag & drop, array reordering, and supporting only a basic set of unity editor attributes.

And thus the new coding adventure has begun


Udon Toolkit has three main parts

  • A collection of the base behaviours allowing to build a simple set of interactions in a world quickly
  • A set of standalone gameplay systems that can be dropped into a world to add flying/cameras/time trials, etc
  • An expansive set of editor attributes allowing you to build your own custom inspectors for your code, adding extra UI reactivity

The original focus was specifically on the UI attributes, but as I was building more and more UI components, I realized that nobody will be able to figure them out without a comprehensive set of examples for all of them.

Being able to help newcomer world creators use Udon in a simple way - was just a nice bonus that came out of all of that.

Want to learn more?

Supporting UdonToolkit prompted me to make a new discord server focused on my 3D/Unity work. If u have any questions or just want to hang out - feel free to join.